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AnimeUSA 2004 (October 29th, 2004) [Oct. 16th, 2004|01:56 pm]
Red Apple Productions


Okay everyone.. just to give everyone a heads up.. here's the lowdown for AnimeUSA.

There's going to several Red Apple JMV showings, we have (of course) a new showing of 2004 subtitled JMVs, a best of showing of 2002 - 2003 JMVs, and then the JMV mix showing of 2002 - 2004 + a few brand new subtitled videos mixed in there.

Then I'm going to be involved in the new Monster Editor series competition.. It's like Iron Chef, but has a more franchise focus. We're going to start out with AnimeUSA 2004 with "Monster Editor AMV" with me "Monster Editor Apple vs Monster Editor Stupid". We have 2 hours, and pre-ripped source for us.. and 13 ingredients + 2 secret ingredients. We have to use 50% of the 13 + the 2 secret ingredients (so that's 7 + 2 = 9 ingredients) and we only have 2 hours. There's a "Monster Theme" which won't be revealed until just before the contest starts. Also, before I forget we pretty much have a dedicated AMV room the whole con.. we will show AMV and JMV stuff.. from early morning to late at night.. we call it the mini-VAT. The mini-VAT (a.k.a. mVAT) is our mini version of AWA's VAT (Video Art Track). It's exactly the same idea except our room is much smaller. So anyhow... It's going to be great! Be there, or be sq...that's lame.. just come, or be LAME! =D